About Me 

Who am I?

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  • My name is Keaton Spry and I am a freelance artist. I am currently 18 years old.

  • I studied fine art A level at Barton Peveril college and I also studied art at GCSE, achieving an A* in my final grade.

  • I have been drawing and developing my skills from a very young age, over this time I have developed a passion for art.

  • I completed my first mural at 12 years old in my bedroom.

About Spry Design

  • My service offers unique murals as well as personalised artwork.

  • I am based in Locks Heath, Fareham, UK.

  • All of my work is hand painted/ drawn. 


  • For murals I work with paint, (not spray paint).

  • I draw my murals free hand on the wall before painting, no projector or stencil is used, and I draw from pictures that I have designed.

  • I work with you when designing your mural, to make sure it is fully unique to you!

  • I will not limit you to a specific style or theme as I have a wide skill set and have completed various different designs in the past.

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What are the benefits of a mural for my business?

  • No matter what industry you are in, murals offer your customers/ clients a unique way of remembering you and your brand!

  • It invites customers into your business.

  • Murals can brighten up an office, motivating your staff. 

  • Helps communicate to your customers who you are as a brand/ business. 

What are the benefits of a mural for my home?

  • Murals can brighten up a room in your home. 

  • It's a unique conversation starter for guests. 

  • Murals can help characterise your children's bedroom, allowing them to escape into their imagination. 

  • Personalised murals can also be a great way of making a house your own unique home. 


  • I specialise in landscapes as well as themed paintings, (movies for example).

  • I mainly work in paint, (acrylic, water colour and oil), and pencil, (colour or black and white), on canvas or suitable papers.

  • I can work with you on designs to make sure it is unique to you.

  • All of my paintings are hand painted and I use photos/ designs as a reference. 

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What are the benefits of a getting a personalised painting?

  • It's unique! You'll have something that no one else can buy from any shop. 

  • It can reflect you and what you like.

  • Having a personalised painting allows you to match it to a specific room in your house. (By theme or colour scheme, for example).

  • It's a great gift for someone, as they know they can't get it anywhere else. 

Lets talk!

If you have anymore questions then please don't hesitate to send me an email at sprydesign1@gmail.com

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