Graffiti Bedroom 3

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This mural was for a 10 year old boy with the name Mitchell and it was done on the main wall in his bedroom. When I met with him and discussed the design, he told me that he would like his name in graffiti writing, clear enough to read, but he wasn't sure what else he wanted with his name. So I drew a few different designs with characters and other features, including an explosion, and it was that design he liked the best. He also told me that his favourite colour is orange and that the colour scheme he wanted to match his room was orange, yellow and black. Therefore, I designed his mural on paper and made sure it met all of his requirements, and that he was happy with it before I started on the wall. My design included a black explosion behind his name and the colours yellow and orange blended together in his name. 

In total, this mural took me four days to complete. 

With all of my murals, I started by drawing the design on the wall with pencil and then I used matte wall paint to bring the drawing to life. In this case, the clients bought the paint themselves to be sure it was the colours they wanted to match their tastes as well as the room. 

It was completed during renovation so no floor covers were required. 

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