Jungle Gym



This mural was inside a gymnasium for their young classes. The design of this mural was cartoon because the targeted age group was very young. The idea behind the mural is to encourage the young gymnasts to be confident and join in with the classes. This is because the wall greets them as they enter the gym, and it gives them something to focus on and interact with. I designed the mural to have recognisable animals using gym equipment in the jungle. This then encourages the children to join in with the class as they want to be like the animals.

This mural included: 2 monkeys, 1 giraffe, 1 elephant, 1 panda, and 2 of their mascots. Me and the client designed the background of the mural in a simplistic way, so the characters were easily seen and understood by the young audience. 

This mural covered the wall top to bottom, which was 6 metres long and 3 metres high. As a result of the wall's size, it took me 1 month to complete.



"We have had lots of smiley faces when they (gymnasts) come in and they are fascinated by by the vibrant colours. We have had lots of positive comments from adults too! You conducted yourself very well, working around the busy classes and keeping the carpet clean."