Northern Lights



This painting was not copied from a photo or another artist, it was a combination of photos and my imagination. I simply expressed what I felt painting at the time, and it was my first oil painting. I started off with the idea of painting the 'Northern lights', therefore, I made that the centre of the painting to begin with. I then built the rest of the painting around that, working from the background to the foreground. The painting consists of: the northern lights, mountains, a lake, two waterfalls and different layers of trees and rocks. I mainly used paint brushes but I occasionally used a craft knife to create strong texture in the mountains and rocks as well as the waterfalls.  

Overall, this painting took me 2 weeks to complete - with some breaks along the way. 


Materials - 

This painting was completed on a canvas using oil paints.

Size - 24" x 36"


My main inspiration was the Northern lights and it's vibrant colours. I also wanted the painting to be suited for a room with vibrant and natural colours. 

For Sale

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