Star Wars

star wars2-2.jpg


This painting features four characters from the famous fantasy film Star Wars

The four characters that feature in this painting include: 

  1. Storm Trooper

  2. Han Solo

  3. Darth Vader

  4. Yoda 


This painting was done for a client with a love for Star Wars and their favourite characters are featured in this painting. I took inspiration and the concept from "The 4 Jokers" painting, but I personally combined these four characters and determined their composition and order.
star wars.jpg


Materials - 

This painting was completed on a canvas using acrylic paint and finished with coloured pencil. 

Size - 

16.5" x 23.5" 

(419.1 x 596.9mm)

star wars3-2.jpg
star wars4-2.jpg
star wars 6-2.jpg
star wars5-2.jpg