The 4 Jokers

jokers 3-2.jpg


This painting shows the evolution of the DC character 'The Joker'. 


Materials - 

This painting was completed on a hard back canvas using acrylic paint and finished with coloured pencil. 

Size - 

30" x 20"

(762 x 508mm)


This painting was done for a client with a love for Batman and all the characters. I took inspiration from an existing painting, therefore this is not an original and I didn't come up with the concept, but this is my version of it. 


"Following a chat with Keaton about my love of all things DC and especially the villains from the Batman TV series and films. He went away and came up with an amazing piece of work, which really highlights the individuality of each of the Joker characters through the years. 

The attention to detail draws you in closer to marvel at the quality of the workmanship. It was quickly mounted in a frame and now had a pride of place in my house. Keaton is an amazing artist with a very special eye for detail. I will be contacting Keaton again to design a new tattoo to encompass all the things I love about Sci-fi!!"